The Power of Nutrition

How we can use nutrition to fuel our body, to boost our health and to power.

Nutrients from Food

It’s the process of obtaining food the food necessary for health and growth. Using nutrition to keep you alive and functioning. Talking about optimal health and optimal nutrition we need to expand on this definition so this is how we define optimal nutrition we see that it’s eating the right amount of nutrients on a proper schedule to achieve the best performance and longest possible lifetime in good health so essentially.

what that means is that we’re using nutrition to not only maximize health and happiness and well-being but if you’re athletic to improve your athletic performance as well and nutrition can have a profound impact not only on your daily health but if you’re again if you’re an athlete on your athletic performance as well.

Taking a look here just what day-to-day perspective what we can see is that good optimal nutrition habits can reduce your risk of developing diseases and disorders like cancer diabetes and heart disease it can also make it easier to lose fat mass and to gain muscle mass which is what is optimal for good health tissue quality so things like nails skin hair and teeth good nutrition supports those particular tissues.

Health is a big one especially as we get older good optimal nutrition can reduce your risk of developing arthritis and other degenerative joint disorders and lastly if you’re an adolescent and you’re in your growth period good nutrition can support that growth and development so that you can reach your full potential so the day to day impacts of optimal nutrition are profound then from a performance standpoint so this can be athletic performance or this can just be day to day performance.

Even work performance optimal nutrition can support cognitive function so things like focus and concentration and quick decision making skills though it can all be improved and enhanced by good nutrition your ability to exercise so not only exercise longer and harder but to exercise at a higher intensity that’s all improved by simply incorporating good nutrition practices into your routine things like energy and endurance.

Good nutrition habits can reduce that risk of injury and also help you recover from injury if you’ve suffered one in the past and then lastly a lot of people suffer with poor sleep and a lot of times it is nutrition related so the quality of sleep can be improved by just making some modifications to your eating habits.

So what we want to take a look at now is looking at the difference between poor nutrition and a poor diet and what we consider kind of the optimal nutrition habits so if we look at those people who typically follow a poor diet what we see is that the consult consuming low nutrient foods so there’s really no quality to the foods that they’re consuming and then they’re also consuming those foods and large portions we tend to see that these people have irregular eating patterns so they’re skipping meals or they’re skipping snacks or every day looks a little bit different in terms of their the schedule of their meals and snacks.

Lastly what we see is that these people are typically dehydrated or the consuming unhealthy fluid sources so things like sodas and energy drinks and those sorts of things so if you’re following a diet like this typically your calorie consumption is higher than it should be and that can lead to a lot of issues like weight gain and a lot of those disorders and diseases.

Ideally we want people to gravitate more towards what we consider the optimal nutrition habits this is eating nutrient-rich foods so basically getting the best quality and every bite that you take consuming those foods in the appropriate portion sizes eating at regular times.

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